Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes

Expectations for Guests when departing:

Please be sure the cottage is picked up and left as you found it. If you have moved any of the furniture during your stay (whether inside or outside), please return to the location you found it.

All garbage and recyclables should be placed in the trash containers provided.

Have you emptied the fire pit of debris? There should be a galvanized bucket to place the cooled off burned ashes in.  Larger burned logs are ok to leave for the next guest.

You may remove sheets from beds and place them on the bedroom floor and bath towels in the bath tub or shower stall, fold blankets and spreads and place on bed.

Make sure the refrigerator is empty and spills wiped up.

Dishes should be clean and returned to cabinets/drawers where they were found.

Games neatly put away and ready for the next guest.

Remotes for Televisions DVD players should be returned to their original place.

The home will be cleaned after your departure, but we appreciate leaving the home in good condition.

One last look around the cottage for your personal items:

Drawers, closets. Cell phone chargers, music, DVDs, your favorite pillow you brought with you, children’s toys. Check under beds, sofa & chairs.

Thank you for leaving our cottage in great condition. We hope you have enjoyed your stay with us!

Pet Friendly Cottages

The purpose of this pet policy is written to mitigate potential misunderstandings with guests and set expectations for their stay.

Number of Animals — Observe limit on the number of pets allowed at the property.

Type of Animal — Observe type of pets allowed.

Housebroken — We require that the animals be housebroken. This helps avoid indoor accidents in a new, unfamiliar environment, and will save you the hassle and money of having to clean up a mess.

Furniture — Pets are NOT allowed on the furniture. Though this is a difficult policy to enforce, we recommend that guests bring a bed or pillow for their pet’s comfort if necessary.

Waste Cleanup — This is a must! Guests are required to remove their pets’ waste in the yard and surrounding areas. Please dispose of dutifully.

Leash Policy — Maine has a Leash Law! Fees for violations will be passed on to guests!

Flea/Tick Policy — Pets are required to be on tick and flea prevention when they come to the property. We take these measures to ensure properties stay pest-free.

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